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Furniture Silicon Protection Cover

Furniture Silicon Protection Cover


The elastic tension of silicone makes these covers suitable for furniture feet of various shapes!


Floor protector: protects the legs and floor of the chair from damage; non-slip bottom pads prevent scratches and noise without leaving marks. The soft silicone case slides in easily, giving the chair legs a comfortable grip like a glove.

Not easy to fall off: This chair can slide foot cap, no need to stick hands, easy to wrap and not easy to fall off, the felt cushion can make your chair/table slide smoothly.

Material: Durable soft silicone, 100% non-toxic, safe for children and pets, suitable for a variety of furniture legs: restaurant chairs, bar stools, terrace chairs, kitchen chairs, metal tavern chairs, desks and chairs, etc.

Beautiful design: made of transparent silicone, which can be mixed into various home designs. The transparent design will hardly attract your attention.

Color range: transparent, pink, blue
Material: Silicone.
The package includes:
4/16 pieces*Furniture silicone sleeve