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Embroidery Stitching Punch Needles (7 PCs)

Embroidery Stitching Punch Needles (7 PCs)


Using these embroidery needles, you can easily make your own embroidery works!

Continuous threading-using this punch pin, you can easily create complex hand patterns. When the needle passes through the fabric effortlessly, you do not have to apply more pressure. Use this small tool to easily and continuously thread!
Customized and exquisite handicrafts-exquisite handicrafts can be used for any type of clothes. You can use it on pillows, carpets, wall hangings, decorations and other decorations to have custom patterns.
Wide application-The needle kit has interchangeable heads and can be used with various needles. According to your needs, use different thread thickness. Similarly, very suitable for every clothing textiles.
Durable and sturdy needles-Anti-corrosion stainless steel is durable. It will not be damaged by high pressure or thick clothes. There are no restrictions on the use of the fabric of this needle set!
Perform the following steps with ease-all you have to do is-thread the thread and get an injection! The needle has an intelligent color coding, which can identify the specified needle of a specific process.

Instructions for use
The binding punch needle is thicker than the needle we usually use and is hollow. The thread passes through the hollow part and then comes out of the small hole.

Material: Alloy
Package Included
1 set of embroidery needles