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Efficient Flour Sifter

Efficient Flour Sifter


No more arm pain . annoying manual flour-sifting or even worry about flour and sugar splashes outside the basin and cupboards. Have a comfortable baking preparation while maintaining mess-free counters with this smart kitchen-tool!

ThisEfficient Flour Sifterassures you that injust one-handwithfew squeezes and shakes you can eliminate all the lumps of the flour and achieve soft and finer dough.

This is also good way of creating kitchen memories with your kids. Let your kids help and assist using this child-friendly easy flour-sifter tool andcreate irresistible tasty cakes and pastries!


  • STAINLESS-STEEL SIFTER: no lead . no plating . meet EU standards for food-grade hygiene . environmental hygiene . safety and health . and quality assurance.

  • CUP STYLE WITH LARGE DIAMETER: eliminate flour splashes in your kitchen and flour rings in your cupboards.
  • SCALE READING: determine the flour powder quantity with accuracy.

  • ERGONOMIC GRIP WITH CRANK DESIGN & 2-WIRE AGITATOR: for easy and comfortable operation even just one hand you can lightly squeeze the handle to sift the flour.


  • FINE MESH- Flour . icing sugar . baking powder . cocoa and your other powdered ingredients quickly pass through.


  • 1 x Efficient Flour Sifter