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Ear Wax Easy Remover

Ear Wax Easy Remover


Always say goodbye to cotton swabs and clean your ears safely and easily!

A cotton swab pushes wax and debris further into the ear, which may damage the eardrum.

The gentle suction sucks dirt and moisture out of the ear canal, and can be used throughout the family from children to adults
This ear cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean your ears
Has a powerful inspection light and is easy to use because it works like a vacuum cleaner
Equipped with powerful inspection lights


how to use?

Step 1: Open the battery cover at the bottom, and install a 2AA size battery (not included). Then close the lid.
Step 2: Put the silicone earplugs on the tube of the device, making sure that it is firmly fixed on the tube.
Step 3: Turn on the power of the device, and the motor runs normally. Then put the tube in the ear and turn it slightly to extract the earwax.

Products include:
Earwax remover
4 silicone accessories
Cleaning brush