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DIY Pasta Maker

DIY Pasta Maker


Useful kitchen tools for making noodles, pasta and squeezing fruit into juice; as a creative gift for cooking friends, mothers and even chefs, cookware?

Just unscrew and replace the mold tray, you can make spaghetti lasagna pasta yourself, easily unscrew all ingredients for hand washing.

Small size and easy to control. With a simple rotation action, you can instantly transform ordinary dough into noodles of different sizes, or squeeze juice with a handle, so that the work is stable and lasting

When making dough, control the proper mixing of water and flour to prevent noodles from cracking or sticking, and maximize the function of the machine

1. Knead the dough with water to make it softer (adding cooking oil will be better)
2. Unscrew the lid, put the dough, vegetables or cut fruits into the drum, and then tighten the handle, the noodles or juice will come out
3. Place the bottom of the machine close to the water for easy removal
4. After use, disassemble and rinse with water.

Package Included:
1 x stainless steel pressing machine
5 x noodle mold