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Disc Drill Blades And Mandrel

Disc Drill Blades And Mandrel


Forget the hacksaw when repairing! If you have the best disc drill blade and mandrel, you can get a clean and accurate cut. Equipping the cutting tool with the right blade will help you successfully cut metal, wood and other items.

You can cut the hollow tube from the inside with the smallest blade. This kit has blades of different sizes, so you will definitely find the right blade for your different cutting needs.

Precise cutting: With sharp teeth, you will get a uniform and accurate cut guarantee
High-speed steel: The maximum speed is 20,000, which can be used on wood, aluminum, alloy, PVC and other materials
Widely applicable: S et comes with a 3.2 mm diameter shank drill mandrel mandrel, which can be easily installed in any drill bit
High-grade materials: follow the unique advanced scientific cutting principle, made of high-strength HSS high-speed steel

Ideal for cutting, grooving and trimming wood, plastic, ceramic, metal and DIY products
The blade vibrates when working, so it must be handled carefully to prevent the blade from jumping out and hurting people

Material: Stainless steel
Available blade sizes:
22mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
25mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
32mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
35mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
44mm x 0.8mm x 6.35mm
50 mm x 0.8 mm x 6.35 mm

The package includes:
6 disc drill blades
1 x mandrel