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Diamond Ice Cube Mold

Diamond Ice Cube Mold


Ready to have some fun at your next party? Add a little something to a special drink . with this diamond-shaped ice cube mold . that has that novelty to take it to the next level . that will surprise your friends with this touch of magic.

520 Carat Jewel ICE: Amazingly CLEAR . DENSE & BEAUTIFUL by Jewel ...

This mold will create awesome-looking . diamond-shaped ice cubes. Each tray makes 4 nicely-sized 25ml ice diamonds. It is made of food-grade BPA-free silicone . safe to use. Perfect ice cubes for cooling drinks in summer . whether it's beer or whiskey . or your favorite soft drinks and fruit juices. It can also be used as a mold for pastry . candy . chocolate . and children's plasticine.

Make your drink look extra luxurious with a beautiful Ice diamond . Grab yours today!