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Daisy Laundry Hair Catcher

Daisy Laundry Hair Catcher


Tired of finding pet hair and lint sticking to freshly washed clothes? Now, you can effortlessly collect and remove the best pet hair, dust or residue from your clothes!

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Just put Daisy Laundry Hair Catcher in a washer or dryer (or both), you can effectively remove hair, lint, pet fur, and even the irritating fluffy piled up on clothes and bedding ball! The secret... The innovative inverted tapered mesh bag, specifically designed to capture the annoying dirt, hair and residue flowing through the hair extensions.

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Soft, sticky, soft material that can hold hair, lint, dander and other debris
All clothing is safe
Reusable-each can be used up to 200 times
Easy to use! When washing clothes, just put it in the washing machine to filter lint.
Keep the washing machine clean and prevent clogged pipes.
It works best in top-loading washing machines.