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Cube Hole Driller

Cube Hole Driller



With this Cube Hole Driller, a smooth, symmetrical surface treatment can be achieved for every wooden furniture, door and window that requires a square hole.
It can easily turn your drilling machine into a mortise machine, providing a clean, square cut for your woodworking project. It ensures that it is very suitable for heavy-duty chopping or strict drilling, which improves accuracy and reduces working time.
This cubic hole drill is very suitable for cutting holes in wood, laminate, gypsum board, plastic, plywood, etc. From thin plate to thick plate, the capacity is from 30mm to 120mm. Also suitable for most mortise machine and drilling machine accessories.


Professional square hole drilling:
Smooth and symmetrical surface treatment is easily achieved for every woodworking project requiring a square hole.

All-in-one design:
Save money; a group of 8mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm 3 different sizes can meet a wide range of needs.
High-quality materials:
Rugged high-speed steel ensures durability; titanium coating makes it easy to drill holes in different wood materials.

Powerful penetration:
Even on the hardest materials, it can easily drill, tap and counter holes in just one step.
Has many uses:
Professional woodworking drill bits, suitable for decoration, construction, installation, decoration and other industries.
Widely applicable:
Suitable for all mortise machine and drilling machine accessories, whether it is a manual drill or an electric hand drill.
Practical and save money:
Reduce labor, minimize costs and speed up construction or renovation. Save time by preventing frustration of inaccurate holes and save time when completing tasks.

Material: High speed steel
Hardness: HRC48-50
Drill core length: 200mm
Clamping handle diameter:
5/16 inches (8MM)
3/8 inch (9.5 mm)
1/2 inch (12.7 mm)