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Corner Storage Holder Shelves

Corner Storage Holder Shelves


Turn any corner into a useful space.
Unique polymer pads and unique press technology ensure long-lasting firmness without slipping.

It is easy to remove without damaging the wall.
Light weight, up to 10 pounds.

Suitable for many places: marble, gypsum board, glass, tiles, almost any surface. Note: Not suitable for matte walls.
No punching, no damage: no trace after removal. A shelf with hooks allows you to hang towels and other things.
Remain strong: use high-quality materials, wear-resistant and durable use.
Expand the space: save a lot of space in the bathroom. Keep water holes clean and dry. Make your bathroom cleaner.

White color.
Weight: 476g
material: plastic.
Package Included:
1 x corner storage rack.
Installation Notes