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Cheerble Wicked Toy Ball For Cats

Cheerble Wicked Toy Ball For Cats


Purrfectly Happy All The Time

This all in one interactive toy for cats is your best option to No More Scratched Furniture. Now cats have a place where it’s ok to give freedom her natural instincts and work off stress. Mom will love me even more meow!



  • Smart and active to accompany pets to play, interactive gentle, normal and active, automatic game.
  • Built-in collision sensor, can automatically jump out when encountering any obstacles.
  • Shell silicone + ABS toughness, environmental protection, safe and reliable, the material used in the inner layer is ABS, the hardness is relatively high, more suitable for pets.
  • Information:
  • Ball has three modes of interaction that are gentle, normal and positive;
  • When the owner leaves, can also let the ball jump, roll and move, let them be happy all day long when we leave, it is safe for you and your pet;
  • Cheerble Wicked Ball has a built-in collision sensor that automatically jumps out whenever it encounters any obstacles;
  • Battery working time: 5 hours (continuous work, no downtime)

Always Happy Cats

Chasing the tiny Cheerble Ball through the maze of interesting holes keeps her active, fit and engaged all day long. No more bored cats, you have my word!

All My Meowish Prefurrences in One Place

With Cheerble Board Game I have everything I need: A ball to play with and a purr-fect place to exercise, nap, scratch and, of course, chase my fluffy prey for many hours.

Great For Me, And My Cat Friends Of All Sizes

The Cheerble Board Game is a one-size-fits-all toy! It's perfectly suited for my smallest kitty friends, as well as the biggest ones. Of course, excluding lions and tigers.

1. Appearance is made of environmentally friendly silicone for three colors.
2. 360 degrees rolling in different directions, with colorful lights, more attractive to animals' interest and attention. The chase of pets is happy.
3. Bouncing ball will automatically change direction, do not need any help.
4. Use the jumping ball to make your pet have fun every day. You can use the jumping ball to train the pet to play with the pet.
5. The jumping ball can also roll freely on the carpet, pets prefer.
6. The product into the OPP bag, color box packaging.


  • 1 x Cheerble Wicked Ball
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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