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Chakra Tree of Life Dream Catcher

Chakra Tree of Life Dream Catcher


 Our Chakra Tree of Life Dream Catcher is made of high quality & eco friendly materials! Now available with LED lights!

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🔥 Home Decoration  - Perfect to hang in your bedroom, car, or any room in your home. Dream Catchers are know to led & help you create a unique style and creative interior of your home, office, or anywhere of your choosing. 

💭 Good Dreams  - This Dream Catcher can help change your dreams. Trap the dreams that make you smile & cherish life forever! Don't allow your bad dreams to hold you back any longer! Good dreams & thoughts only in the new year!

💭 Perfect for kids - Kids dreams should be full of peace, happiness, & good luck. Give them this unique Dream Catcher as the perfect gift. 

Product size: Dream catcher ring diameter 4 inches; overall length 14 inches