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Camping Heater

Camping Heater


Love camping – but hate being cold? Get warm with this portable mini heater!

If you're going camping in the winter, you'll want to keep all that heat inside your tent.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop camping! Don’t miss out on outdoor fun because of the snow and the cold! Instead, buy a heater.

The unique design uses a mesh wall for ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion. This will make the fuel burn more completely and reduce smoke. Use branches, leaves, pine cones and wood as fuel. No need to carry heavy, polluting and expensive canned fuel.

The outdoor heating cover, the burner is placed like a chimney structure, the internal double heat absorption, and the four-sided heat heater can easily heat the surrounding environment.

Safe and equipped with handles, it will not hurt your hands, four buckles, and it is firmly fixed on the stove. The mini size is lighter, smaller and more convenient, making it the best choice for outdoor heating.

Ordinary combustion flames become radial heat, widely used in heating combinations to adapt to high-temperature stainless steel, durable, and more rugged. They are ideal for a variety of stoves, camping, fishing, barbecues, and hand warmers.


  • Suitable for all kind of stoves
  • High-temperature resistant stainless steel
  • The burning flame is changed into radial heat energy.


The mini heater is made of premium stainless steel, anti-rust, sturdy, heat-resistance and durable for long term use.


The vent's design helps to make the stove distribute heat evenly for better heating efficiency.


There are four slots on the bottom, fit gas burner perfectly and stand stably on it.


Portable and lightweight, with a bag for easy carrying and storage. Suitable for outdoor camping activity.


With a handle for taking the hot stove from fire to protect your hand from scald.