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Big Ice Hockey Silicone Mold Ice Box

Big Ice Hockey Silicone Mold Ice Box


Four large ice hockey silicone molds can complete four ice balls with a diameter of 5.5 cm at a time.
Environmentally friendly silicone, which can be used in contact with food and used with confidence to push the ice ball out.

Fruit pudding and various types of ice balls will provide you with different ice feasts.

The mold is composed of upper and lower hemispheres, which is easy to demold. The upper hemisphere is made of silicone, while the lower hemisphere is made of ABS.
Silicone is flexible, easy to knead without deformation, repeatedly twisted and stretched, not easily deformed, and durable.
Easy to open ear design, easy to use, easy to open mold.
5 lock design, tight waterproof, no side leakage when pressed, easy to release after freezing.
The base is stable, the four corners are balanced, the reinforced four-corner design is anti-freezing, and the mold is balanced without tilting.

Color: black, gray.
Ice hockey size: 5.5 cm.
Material: Consumable silicone + ABS.
Package Included:
1 x big ice ball silicone mold ice box.