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Leather Belt Hole Puncher

Leather Belt Hole Puncher


belt hole puncher

RESTORE YOUR BELOVED BELT: Adjusting your favorite belts have never been so simple and it's super easy to use. Pick the size . turn the wheel . align your belt and squeeze. This clever belt hole maker will save you lots of time and money. It pierces very sharp . precise round holes of 2mm . 2.5mm . 3mm . 3.5mm . 4mm . and 4.5mm.

GET CRAFTY: Many uses. 6 hole sizes. Great for crafts . hobbyist . DIY. The extra large punch plate allows better stability and a lot more control when punching through leather . plastic . canvas . cardboard . rubber . polyurethane . fabrics . silk and many other materials.

GET THE RIGHT FIT AND COMFORT by adding more holes to adjust your clothing and other accessories. Perfect for belts . bags . watch bands . saddlery . pet collars . store cards . etc. Ideal for long . repetitive work without causing sore hands or blisters because the handles are cushioned . non-slip and ergonomic.

BEING SLOWED DOWN . FRUSTRATED AND STRESSED when needing to add extra holes is a thing of the past. You will spend much less time on making them and much more time enjoying your great results. You don't need much hand strength because its double lever takes the strain away and you're protected from hand or wrist strain. Even if you have arthritis in your hands you'll be able to grip it and squeeze hard enough to punch holes with no problem.

Package Includes: 1x Belt Hole Puncher