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Barber Cloak

Barber Cloak


Looking to upgrade your hair cutting cape? You need to try this awesome Barber Cloak!

Hair cutting capes that catch hair are a must in any modern salon. These capes are designed to fit on the client's neck and keep the hair off the client's clothes and the floor. By using hair cutting capes . salon owners can add to the looks of their salon and also maintain a clean and sanitized environment in their salon.

This handy hair cutting umbrella catches those annoying hair clippings that fall down your neck . into your clothes . and onto the floor. Imagine no more sweeping or vacuuming.

No more itchy . irritated skin. Great for kids or adults.

Fastens comfortably but snuggly with a 'touch' closure. This hair care product is made of wipe-clean nylon. Folds for compact storage. 22' diameter. Rests on Shoulders Like an Upside Down Umbrella to Catch Messy Hair Clippings.

Here is a quick look at why salon owners should use umbrella shaped hair cutting capes.

Client Comfort ?C Modern hair cutting capes are designed with client comfort in mind. For clients that feel restricted and suffocated in traditional capes . umbrella capes are a relief. The cape offers them freedom of movement while keeping the wearer free of hair.


Increased Staff Efficiency?C Haircuts can be messy with hair flying all over the place. Cleaning the hair is a chore in itself for which precious staff time has to be devoted. But with inverted umbrella-shaped hair cutting capes . most of the hair is caught up by the cape so there is minimal need for cleaning the floor.

Modern Design?C The design of the capes for catching the hair is modern and futuristic. It adds to the overall look of the salon and also gives the clients a new feeling that they have come to a salon that keeps up with the trends.

Durable?C The unique design of the hair cutting cape is easy to maintain and store which makes it highly durable. Compared to the usual capes . this style of capes last longer and offer much better protection against stray hair. When not in use . the cape can be folded up and stored in a small space.


Made of high-quality material . which is soft . breathable . anti-static and environmentally friendly.


Inverted umbrella shape design can prevent hair from falling into your neck and ground. No longer worried about the broken hair off the floor . no longer be afraid that broom can't sweep away . no longer force on vacuum cleaners to clean the broken hair.


Round collar with adjustable hook and loop closure to fit neck size . easy to put on and take off. The adjustable neck fits most people.


Suitable for professional hair and beauty salon use or home use.



  • Item Size: Approx.60 * 60cm / 23.6 * 23.6inch
  • Diameter: 60cm.
  • Weight: about 70g / month.