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Automatic Wire Twister (Electrical)

Automatic Wire Twister (Electrical)

Improve your efficiency and make your work easier by saving you from repetitive works of wire twisting and striping with our Wire Twister!
    • The twisting tool can be attached to a power drill and function easily and effectively with simple steps. 
    • Helps increase productivity and prevent sore fingers and cramping hands.
    • It makes it easy to create a smooth, even twist in shaped wire or in more than one wire!


  • Easy to use. The wire twisting tool can be attached to a power drill and functions easily and effectively with simple steps. A combination of insulating tape peeler and wire twisting tool. Spontaneously peel off the insulating coat of wires before twisting them.

  • Automatically and manually. The wire connector tool can be used with a power drill and without a power drill. Two screwdriver bits included for manual twisting and stripping wire. The most important thing is that no matter how many lines need to be connected, it can be used. It saved time, energy, and a good helper for electricians.


  • Durable and high- quality. This Wire Twisting Tool is made of high-quality high-speed steel with good performance and high precision. The operation is very simple which allows you to turn the wire quickly and beautifully. Good performance even under harsh conditions, not afraid of collision, and can work continuously without waiting.


  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 105 x 25 x 10mm
  • Length: 9 cm
  • Size: BV2.5 cm² / BV4 cm²


  • 1 x Automatic Wire Twister (24.5/4 Flat 5 Lines Wire)