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Automatic Door Self-closing Hinge

Automatic Door Self-closing Hinge


Your door will automatically close, reducing your stress! Designed for long-lasting use on various doors.

The strength is fully adjustable and the durability is made of high-quality steel. It can be used for aluminum front doors and wood or hollow metal commercial door applications in all stores.

Heavy-duty automatic door closer. The intensity is fully adjustable.
Suitable for any door, family, hotel, bathroom, etc.
No more trouble and closed the door.
Super durable and corrosion resistant. Easy to install and more concealed.

Dimensions: 5mm x180mm
Material: Stainless steel
Closed door part: 0-180 degree mounting hole diameter: 5mm / 0.2 inch

The maximum weight of the installation door: 80KG.
The package includes:
1x automatic door automatic hinge with matching parts