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Anti-Skid Trimmable Furniture Pad

Anti-Skid Trimmable Furniture Pad


TheAnti-Skid Trimmable Furniture Padis a great household kit toavoid furniture scratching .dragging noiseorany damagescaused by thecollision between furniture.

The pad istrimmable to any desired shapeto fit your needs. It is easy to cut and place on the furniture surfaces. It is made ofstrong adhesiveback tape and soft EVA plastic pad. To have better protection of your lovely home . let's order now!


  • Strong Adhesive:There is astrong adhesive back tapethat holds tightly on your furniture.

  • Anti-Skid Feature:The padprovides sufficient frictionto the floor. With the anti-slip function . it can lower the chance of slippery accidents.

  • Easy To Trim:It can befreely trimmedto any shape you want to fit your needs.

  • Various Shapes:There arevarious shapeslike square . round or free-trim shapes for selections to meet your needs.

  • Wide Application:They can bewidely applied to many furnitureat home like sofa . chair . desk or dining table etc or use it as an anti-slip mat.

  • Material: EVA Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Free-Trim 2 PCS /Square 12 PCS / Square 30 PCS /
    Square 48 PCS / Round 30 PCS / Round 48 PCS / Full Set ( All 6 Packs)


  • 1 x Anti-Skid Trimmable Furniture Pad