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All In One Original Micro-Touch Trimmer

All In One Original Micro-Touch Trimmer


For a professionally retouched appearance, the cordless trimmer is a compact trimmer with built-in lighting that can easily remove hair, allowing precise hair trimming anywhere.

Using this function, you can instantly modify the perfect facial hair. Also suitable for cleaning eyebrows, single eyebrows and excess upper lip hair. The uniquely designed cutter head prevents painful pulling, dragging and dry skin, providing you with all comfort.
It removes excess hair instantly and painlessly. Close to the blade. But it is safe to touch.
Powerful enough to cope with difficult work. The super bright built-in lamp allows you to see what you are doing, and the slim design allows you to carry it with you.

All-in-one personal grooming function can trim hair more accurately.
Used for? Nose, ears, eyebrows, neckline, side angle, single eyebrow? Unwanted upper lip hair
specifically? The designed cutter head avoids painful pulling and dragging, giving you all the comfort
Features? high performance? blade? Remove excess hair with full angle, precise movement
Built-in? LED lights provide illumination for dark areas
rubber? Non-slip grip
Extra? Safe and convenient
50% increase in power
AA battery powered
by? stainless steel
The package includes:
All-in-one trimmer (excluding AAA battery) x 1
Comb attachment x 2
Blade cleaning brush x 1