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90 Angle Adjustable Clamp

90 Angle Adjustable Clamp


90脗掳 Angle Adjustable Clamp

Our 90掳 angle adjustable clamps provide the fastest and easiest solution to fix woodwork furniture such as wooden boards and frames in 90掳. Installation aid for screwing or gluing boards together.
Ultimately, this is an ideal solution when you need to fix two parts perpendicular to each other during the assembly of woodware. This innovative 90掳 right-angle adjustable clamp is essential for every DIY project.
There is no longer any need to hold two pieces of wood, and it usually leads to chaotic and uneven craftsmanship, because this tool can perfectly and accurately align the corners, allowing you to make and strengthen the frame with high precision.
Even in the case of different board thickness, it can be used to make corners and T-joints. It is an ideal choice for carpentry, cabinet and furniture repair and connection, photo frame reinforcement, wooden DIY projects, etc.

Perfect alignment:
Keep the joints and corners aligned. Quickly and easily fix the board and frame together at an angle of 90掳.
One-handed operation:
The rubber-coated single handle has a sturdy and non-slip surface, which provides the fastest and simplest solution for fixing woodworkers with one hand.
Safe clamping:
It can hold objects firmly in place. Work quickly and efficiently.

Durable and lightweight:
Made of durable ABS, strong and durable, lighter and more comfortable, you can hold it in your hand for a long time.
Adjustable and precise:
Automatic adjustment allows you to work on corners and T-joints, even if their sturdy springs have different plate thicknesses.

Multiple applications:
Ideal for wood products, cabinet connection, photo frame reinforcement and wooden DIY projects.
Has many uses:
This corner clip made of high-quality materials can fasten or glue the plates together.

Color: orange + black
Clamping range: 5-22mm, 10-22mm
Total length: 78 mm / 3.1 inches
Maximum width: 85 mm / 3.3 inches
Maximum height: 51 mm / 2.0 inches

The package includes:
1 x 90掳 angle adjustable clamp