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10 in 1 Multi-function Universal Hammer

10 in 1 Multi-function Universal Hammer


Are you tired of having to carry a heavy toolbox every time you need to repair? do not worry! Now, with this versatile universal hammer, you can have all the tools you need without luggage!

It packs a series of obscure, survival-related functions into a beautiful tool. With its integrated, all-in-one design, this makes the gadget very portable, easy to use, and allows you to save space in the toolkit.

Multi-function: It has the perfect combination of related tools to meet your different needs
Versatile: This provides a one-stop solution for your various tool needs, including using it as a screwdriver, wrench, hemming or pulling out nails
Flexible: Unlike traditional hammers, it has a retractable handle that can easily touch any spots
Suitable for any surface: it can easily penetrate steel pipes, iron pipes, iron plates, concrete, cement floors, etc.


It has different functions:
Power nail gun
Pipe wrenches
Nail clippers

Material: High carbon steel
Dimensions: 20.5 x 11 x 2.2 (cm)
The package includes:
1 x multifunctional hammer