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360 degree rotating garden sprinkler-lawn watering and irrigation tool

360 degree rotating garden sprinkler-lawn watering and irrigation tool


Garden sprinkler, 360 degree automatic rotating lawn sprinkler nozzle coverage large area sprinkler system, gardening supplies 3 arm sprinkler! ! !

The 360掳 rotating garden sprinkler will be your must-have! It can water lawns, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. It has a 360-degree rotating design that can be irrigated and covers the entire garden. Designed with an adjustable angle to cover a wider area when irrigating.

It has 3 nozzle watering nozzles and uses water-saving technology to provide an even amount of water. Less water but higher water pressure! It can reduce water consumption by up to 70%. Save water and money!

Multi-function: lawn irrigation, garden irrigation, yard irrigation, farmland irrigation, square refrigeration. The multi-function lawn sprinkler can even be used as a fun sprinkler to keep children playing and calming down on hot and sunny days.

360掳 automatic rotation: It has the functions of three arms, 360 degree rotating nozzle body, and 12 multi-angle nozzles.
Extensive coverage: Irrigation area of 3600 square feet, spray distance 26-32.8 feet, suitable for the moisture required by your entire yard. It can cover 50-75 square meters.
Water saving: By using a 3 nozzle watering sprinkler, the water is concentrated directly to the root, which can reduce the water consumption by up to 70% compared with the traditional sprinkler.
High quality: made of high ABS material, environmentally friendly, safe and durable.
Easy to install: easy to install and easy to use. Very suitable for watering gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, etc.

Material: high quality ABS plastic
Koror: blue
Weight: 0.38 lbs / 0.17 kg
Size: 8.07 inches * 3.54 inches / 205 mm * 90 mm
Connector: 0.79 inches / 20 mm
Adjustable spray direction: 90掳 or 45掳 angle
The package includes:
1 x 360掳 rotating garden nozzle

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