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360 degree Magnetic Sphere Car Phone Mount

360 degree Magnetic Sphere Car Phone Mount


Our 360degree magnetic ball car phone holder uses a stylish and compact magnetic ball design to securely connect your phone to the dashboard.

The strong magnetic force provides the highest shock resistance and anti-skid effect even in firmly occupying your device. Long and rough rides.

The 360 degree  rotatable sphere can be widely used in various smartphones, allowing you to easily and completely adjust the angle of view, thereby taking driving safety to a new level.


Powerful magnetic force:
Powerful magnetic attraction makes the car mount hold your device tightly
360掳 rotatable sphere:
The phone can be rotated freely or tilted up and down to get the ideal viewing angle without blind spots
General accessories:
Powerful fixing ability and free size design enable you to fix all kinds of smartphones and even tablets

Easy disassembly:
You can disassemble the phone with one hand
Firmly fixed on the instrument panel: 3M sticky board can be firmly and non-slip attached to any smooth, hard, flat or vertical surface without leaving or scratching
Hands-free control:
Enjoy hands-free phone/video calls, music playback, GPS navigation and other functions without affecting safe driving
Has many uses:
Not only can it be used for car phones, but also very suitable for kitchen counters, desks, etc.

Dimensions:2.5 x 3.3 x 2.8cm
The package includes:
1 x 360 degree magnetic ball car phone holder
1 x magnetic socket

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